Conversations on...


'Conversations on...' is a role play which allows participants to discuss ideas contradicting
their own. By leaving the conventional debate form, an alternative method of discussion is offered, one that is explorative, playful and in depth.



Photographer: Nicole Marnati

Four people can participate at once. Entering the space each participant gets given a role. Throughout the experience they enact this role with the help of audio and visual guidance.
The participants engage in conversation with the others based on the opinion of the fictional
role they have been given. The role play allows a multi-faceted discussion to develop, to build empathy for different points of view.


'Conversations on…' is a tool for an alternative form of conversation that can be about anything. Currently it deals with the topic of longevity (see below), but the structure can be adapted to many different subjects.

Conversations on Longevity:

Over the years, with scientific advancements, our life spans have increased continuously. In 1907, Europeans had a life expectancy of 46 years. Today, babies that are born in Europe have a life expectancy of nearly 80 years. The predictions of how much our life spans will increase in future vary greatly, but many believe that in not-to-distant future living more than a 100 years will be normal. Some enthusiasts believe that soon we will be able to eliminate ageing processes completely.


These statements and predictions raise a lot of questions on the moral and ethics of continuous life extension. ‘Conversations on Longevity’ offers a context in which opinions about the consequences that longevity may have on society are explored.




If you would like to use 'Conversations on…' as a tool of debate for this topic or another topic, please do not hesitate to contact the designer.



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